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Version: v0.5.0


What is Obol?

Obol Labs is a research and software development team focused on proof-of-stake infrastructure for public blockchain networks. Specific topics of focus are Internet Bonds, Distributed Validator Technology and Multi-Operator Validation. The team currently includes 10 members that are spread across the world.

The core team is building the Obol Network, a protocol to foster trust minimized staking through multi-operator validation. This will enable low-trust access to Ethereum staking yield, which can be used as a core building block in a variety of Web3 products.

About this documentation

This manual is aimed at developers and stakers looking to utilize the Obol Network for multi-party staking. To contribute to this documentation, head over to our Github repository and file a pull request.

Need assistance?

If you have any questions about this documentation or are experiencing technical problems with any Obol-related projects, head on over to our Discord where a member of our team or the community will be happy to assist you.