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Version: v0.17.0

Activate a DV


Charon is in an alpha state and should be used with caution according to its Terms of Use.

If you have successfully created a distributed validator and you are ready to activate it, congratulations.

Once you have connected all of your charon clients together, synced all of your ethereum nodes such that the monitoring indicates that they are all healthy and ready to operate, ONE operator may proceed to activate the validators using one of the following websites:

The deposit-data.json to be uploaded to the launchpad will be located in each operator's .charon folder. The copies across every node should be identical and any of them can be uploaded. Only one, 32 ether deposit, needs to be made for each validator operated by the cluster.


If you are being given a deposit-data.json file that you didn't generate yourself, please take extreme care to ensure this operator has not given you a malicious deposit-data.json file that is not the one you expect. Cross reference the files from multiple operators if there is any doubt. Activating the wrong validator or an invalid deposit could result in complete theft or loss of funds.

The activation process can take a minimum of 16 hours, with the maximum time to activation being dictated by the length of the activation queue, which can be weeks.